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Upcoming Events with Alice

To register for any event below, email alice@healingpath.info.  Events can be attended so many different ways!
Attend in person, live via teleconference call, or listen to the recorded call at your convenience.

 Listen to past radio shows and read Alice's guest contributed articles.
Recorded Events Available by Request

In-Depth Healing for Your Neck
Get rid of that stiff, cranky, painful neck or prevent it! Includes thorough cellular level healing and alignment with neck’s spiritual purpose.
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$20 6-7pm CT

7-8pm ET
Summer Solstice Celebration Event
Eliminate worries & stress as you celebrate the Spirit of Light in a personal & meaningful way for you! Receive a solar sun, solar plexus activation. Enjoy balancing & grounding with nature. Leave with a light and joyful heart!
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$25 3-4:30pm CT

4-5:30pm ET
Solar Eclipse Event
Bring your dreams into reality by learning techniques for managing the daily and personal distractions that block the realization your goals. This event will garner the very positive eclipse transmissions for your personal advantage.
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$25 6-7:30pm CT

7-8:30pm ET
Lunar Eclipse Event
Utilizing the potent eclipse energy, you will experience a healthy, yet intense release of what is slowing your progress and evolution. This event also includes a connection with your evolved soul’s path & purpose.
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$25 6-7:30pm CT

7-8:30pm ET
Self Forgiveness
Un-forgiveness of self is an active block within you - holding you back from full health, abundance, love, and spiritual evolution. In this free event, experience a profound self-forgiveness journey for your entire life.
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
Free 6-7pm CT

7-8pm ET

All upcoming events require reservations
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Events Available by Request: Seminars, Workshops and Retreats.
Recorded Events Available by Request

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