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Upcoming Events with Alice

To register for any event below, email alice@healingpath.info or call 850-585-5496.  Events can be attended so many different ways!
Attend in person, live via teleconference call, or listen to the recorded call at your convenience.

 Listen to past radio shows and read Alice's guest contributed articles.

Expanded Rays of Light Part Two -
 Connect with the powerful energy rays that are directly from the divine.  Includes related chakra, DNA, and auric work.
& Hendersonville, NC
$25 6-7:30pm CT

7-8:30pm ET

Immune System Boost -
 Experience energetic work to maintain and propel the health of your immune system so you are healthy and energetic all summer long.  Includes a focus on spleen and lymph areas for maximum effect.

& Hendersonville, NC
$15 3-4pm CT

4-5pm ET
Advanced Ascension Work
 Ongoing bi-monthly work. Move up your spiritual pathway to higher consciousness while learning about and supporting planetary changes
& Hendersonville, NC
$55 9:30am 12:30pm CT

1:30pm ET
Lake Worth Community Healing Teleconference -- 3-4:30pm ET 6/9

Healthy Hips & Knees
Experience a deep clearing and transformation on the cellular level for your knees and hips - great to prevent health
issues in this area or address chronic pain. 
Feel lighter, balanced and supported!

The Salt Spa of
Asheville, NC
$45 5-7pm ET 6/13

Cellular Level Healing -
Learn about and experience a Cellular Level Healing at Alice's guest event at Unity of Blue Ridge.  Helpful information for every step of your journey to be your healthiest on all physical,
mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Unity of Blue Ridge, NC -- 7-8:30 pm ET 6/17
Summer Solstice Event
In guided meditation experience the profound spiritual and healing gifts that the Summer Solstice has to offer.
& Hendersonville, NC
$20 9:30-11am CT

10:30am -
Noon ET

All upcoming events require reservations.
7/7 Guided Healing Meditation
7/16 Guided Healing Meditation
7/18 Event @ The Salt Spa of Asheville, NC
7/21 Breast Cancer Support Group
7/25 Guided Healing Meditation
8/8 Advanced Ascension Gathering
8/15 Event @ The Salt Spa of Asheville, NC
8/18 Guided Healing Meditation
8/20 Growth Forum
8/27 Guided Healing Meditation

Events Available by Request: Seminars, Workshops and Retreats.

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