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Upcoming Events with Alice

To register for any event below, email alice@healingpath.info or call 850-585-5496.  Events can be attended so many different ways!
Attend in person, live via teleconference call, or listen to the recorded call at your convenience.

 Listen to past radio shows and read Alice's guest contributed articles.

Breast Health Event
Transform the energetic causes that effect breast health – important for both prevention and healing. Includes work on the sternum for optimum breast support.
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$15 3-4pm CT

4-5pm ET
Heart & Throat Chakra Meditation
Want to fully live from your heart wisdom? Want to experience unconditional love and allowing? Want to freely express your true authentic self? The way to unlock these gifts is through specialized heart and throat chakra work!
The Salt Spa of Asheville $45 5-7pm ET 7/16
 Out of Body Chakras 9 & 10
Guided work to expand your activated out of body chakras 9 & 10 - moving you closer to your full potential spiritual self. 
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$20 6-7:30pm CT

7-8:30pm ET
Alice will speak to the 'Friday Morning Group' that meets once a month in Hendersonville.  All are welcome to join - contact Alice for details.  The topic is 'Move of of Stuck'. Hendersonville, NC -- 10am ET 8/5
Lion's Gate Event
This powerful Lion’s Gate meditation event garners the next level of Star Gate light codes to accelerate and support your personal evolution. 
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$20 6-7:30pm CT

7-8:30pm ET
Blood Sugar Balancing
If you feel sluggish, have unusual appetite fluctuations, experience mood changes, or feel unfocused – the culprit could be a blood sugar imbalance. This cellular level healing event will support both prevention and transformation of this concern.
The Salt Spa of Asheville $45 5-7pm ET 8/13
Digestive Tract: Healing and Prevention
A healthy gut brings health to all parts of you. This event focuses on transforming the health of our GI tract as well as common digestive ailments. 
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$20 6-7:30pm CT

7-8:30pm ET

All upcoming events require reservations.
9/1 Guided Healing Meditation
9/10 Salt Spa Event, Asheville NC
9/16 Guided Healing Meditation
9/22 Guided Healing Meditation
10/8 Advanced Ascension Gathering
10/15 Salt Spa Event, Asheville NC
10/18 Guided Healing Meditation

Events Available by Request: Seminars, Workshops and Retreats.

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