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Upcoming Events with Alice

To register for any event below, email alice@healingpath.info or call 850-585-5496.  Events can be attended so many different ways!
Attend in person, live via teleconference call, or listen to the recorded call at your convenience.

 Listen to past radio shows and read Alice's guest contributed articles.
Recorded Events Available by Request

Lunar Eclipse Meditation -
Leverage the mystical & stabilizing Lunar Eclipse energies to create magical changes in your life - with a special focus on relationships.
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$20  3-4:30pm CT

4-5:30pm ET
Solar Eclipse Meditation -
This meditation event will garner the energies of the Solar Eclipse to help you to bring your dreams into reality in a practical and enduring manner.
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$20 3-4:30pm CT

4-5:30pm ET

Kidney Healing & Prevention Event 

This guided meditation event will support healing through releasing old emotions and beliefs that are
held in your kidneys.
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$15 6-7pm CT

7-8pm ET

Spring Equinox Meditation

This event will connect with new 'full gear' rebirth
 energies to optimize evolution for you and the planet.
Teleconference &
Hendersonville, NC
$20 6-7:30pm CT

7-8:30pm ET

All upcoming events require reservations.
4/8 Advanced Ascension Gathering
4/23 Guided Healing Meditation
5/11 Guided Healing Meditation
5/23 Guided Healing Meditation

Events Available by Request: Seminars, Workshops and Retreats.
Recorded Events Available by Request

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