Healing Path with Alice McCall

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        Available MP3s & Recorded Events

Each month, Alice offers guided healing meditation events which are available to attend through live teleconferences or in-person in North Carolina. These are also recorded for those who are unable to make the event live, but would like to experience the meditation.

The following is a selection of available recordings from Alice’s most popular guided healing meditation events. Times vary from an hour, to hour and a half, to multi-part event series.

To access the event recordings, please email Alice and include the topic that interests you. Once payment is processed, you’ll receive phone access to the recording equipped with a private security code.

These are actual recordings of her popular live events. Email Alice if you have any questions or are looking for a specific topic that isn’t listed.  If you'd like to see the health related topics, click here. To see the list of self-help and spiritual growth topics, click here.

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