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I am happy to share that an excerpt of my journey with breast cancer was included in the 'Faces of Inspiration' book.

The book is a is a collection of breast cancer stories shared from those who have been touched by the diagnosis.

It is an honor to be included in the book and I hope that my story
continues to offer hope and support for others during life’s tribulations.

Learn more about the book, by visiting its official website.


I am absolutely loving this summer in Hendersonville. The wonderful coolish weather is a great change from South Florida this time of year.

My yard and the rear woods have been magical with lightening bugs, lots of birds, and a few little chipmunks. The fairies like to hang out on the edge of the woods and talk to me and Kiva! And of course I have been hiking and doing the waterfall trails at DuPont, not far from my house.

I am being guided to establish a deeper presence here, to up the vibration even more in my sacred space, to tighten the Feng Shui of my property, and get ready in for some deep and important work for the earth and humanity that will present itself in September.

It has been so great to see so many of my Carolina friends/clients. And for those that I have not seen yet, please let me know how we can connect.

Much love to you - Alice


I find spending time in nature to be very balancing and renewing, as well as grounding. Recently I spent sunset at Green Cay Nature Preserve with 2 colleagues/friends: Annabeth and Nitza. We saw lots of great birds, heard many unusual sounds, and stumbled upon lots of waterfowl and some raccoons. Lots of fun, and uplifting.

Kiva and I also spent part of an evening after the Auric Field healing meditation by the canal with Marijah. She took this photo (below) on her phone!

I invite you to spend more time with nature, and I remind you to invite the Spirit of the Forest into your spiritual work for yourself and the earth.

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