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Lake Worth, Florida is my home for many months of the year, has an incredible and famous street painting festival. Talented artists from around the globe paint their heart onto the street pavement - despite the heat, cold, or rain. There are no winners, ribbons, or monetary gain for this event. Yet they travel here to create their art "in the moment" on our streets.

This is the second year I admired the event. It is unbelievably incredible.  This year, however, held another magical moment. After the hard work was completed, rain came and washed "most' of the brilliance away. Many said "isn't it a shame that these talented dedicated artist's work lasted so briefly". They finished at 6:30pm on Sunday and by 2am Monday much of it has be washed away.

I say - WOW! This was creation in the moment for the moment. There is no reward or promise of longevity - it is about expression.
Topics that represent personal tributes or reflections of world events are common expressions.

What an active example of 'living in the moment' this is for all of us.  Lots of good energy was created that weekend. Take a peek at some of the art work created - and let this be a reminder about doing what feels right in the moment. Let's honor it and ask that all on earth benefits.

This inspiring sketch by Pat Rinaldi represents to me the illumination, balance, and flow that I am being asked to infuse into the earth this year.

That means I have a new assignment for the new earth in 2015. I wanted to share it with you.

The direction is clear:
1) "The earth is wobbling on her axis; do the work needed to turn this around. Go to your other dimensional sacred space and receive."  Well I did and I received a long list, which Lacey Meyer is helping me to address piece by piece each week.

2) "Move more fully into your role as teacher. Start executing your vision of educational videos on YouTube to help wake up humanity."  I am finally stepping out to do this and my assistant Nikki has agreed to be the creative director for this project.
Here we go. Stay tuned!

Inbetween focusing on my assignments, I have really been enjoying my daily walks with lots of winter flowers in South Florida.
Take a peak below! Lovely!

Hello 2015! 

I can't wait to share all that is happening.  Don't forget every month I post a new article, my events are regularly updated, and make sure you are signed up to receive my newsletters because there is always something else in the works!

I've also been having a blast doing guest articles and interviews across the web.

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